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Successful sales

Heinz Mack
Wing in a Light Field
184.000,- US$
(147.000,- €)

Stanislav Zhukovsky
Still Life of Lilac
230.000,- US$
(146.000,- €)

Ernst Ferdinand Oehme
Chapel in the Mountains
352.000,- US$
(282.000,- €)

Wojciech Fangor
E 30
122.000,- US$
(109.000,- €)

Max Liebermann
Horseman at the Shore
261.000,- US$
(192.000,- €)

László Moholy-Nagy
225.000,- US$
(183.000,- €)

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin
The Clearing
280.000,- US$
(235.000,- €)

Constantinos Volanakis
The Departure
330.000,- US$
(230.000,- €)

Jozef von Brandt
Wyjazd na Polowanie
136.000,- US$
(109.000,- €)


Independent Art Consulting


Valuation of artworks

  The complex structure of the international art market is something of a minefield. When you sell a work of art from your collection or an inheritance, it is not down to chance whether it achieves a sale price of 10.000 US$ or EUR 100.000 US$. Common pitfalls are insufficient expertise and market knowledge, negotiating errors and lack of time.     We would be glad to value your works of art – of course free of charge and with no obligation to you! All enquiries are treated confidentially and your personal data is never disclosed to third parties. Please use our contact form to send us a message. We are able to respond most quickly to queries sent to us in this way.  
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